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Location-based Poll (anonymous) for US Election 2020 using DoWhistle Mobile App

DoWhistle, a platform for proximity-based applications, brings an idea of anonymous polling with geotagging. The poll app will capture the subscriber’s response for various categories with automatic location tagging. It can help presidential candidates to accurately identify the weak and strong areas to assess the efficacy of their election campaign. Currently, US Election 2020 is going to be one of the biggest events of this year. A lot of people are talking about the elections, and similarly, a lot of polls are also being conducted in this regard. With sound credibility and expertise, the DoWhistle idea of location-based polls will increase the reliability, authenticity, and viability of the presidential election polls. Moreover, the anonymity of the user’s identity also lets the users express their views more vividly.

Revolutionising On-The-Go services with a Hyperlocal Business Model

“Be it delivering goods, managing logistics, or officiating events for a social cause, DoWhistle, makes a difference in ordinary people’s lives by giving rise to a community of service providers and consumers”

States Appachi.

The groundbreaking platform is also curated to function effectively under a B2B model as well. For instance, logistics can be one of the trickiest aspects of running a business. Reckoning its vitality in business operations, DoWhistle has created a platform for logistics named Whistle Freights that facilities instant truck booking, fast payment, fare negotiation, live-shipment status, and truck and driver management.

Location Based Poll (Anonymous) for US Election 2020 Using DoWhistle Mobile App

How does DoWhistle work?

DoWhistle is a location-based bi-directional alerting platform that aims to streamline users’ social, business, and service needs. Whether the user is looking for people who have a common interest as he/she possesses or the user is looking to manage his/her device-enabled lifestyle, DoWhistle gets everything covered. It specializes in developing location based mobile apps and successfully launched apps for blood donors, social incident reporting, and hyper-local last-minute offers for sales and transportation. It is as simple as announcing something to other subscribers in the proximity. The typical announcements are like sales and service offers or simple prolixity message broadcasts like panic alerts for help. The users subscribed to specific posts are immediately notified with the “Whistle” sound to get their attention to the announcement.

When you search a problem, Google gives documents but DoWhistle will give problem solvers

We live in a world where we have Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter at the touch of a finger – all of which connect us to our known people. We live in world that has 4.7 billion unique mobile subscribers. In India alone, we recently crossed the one billion mark. But imagine this – you’re traveling in an unknown city and witness a road accident, you rush the victim to the hospital and are told that he needs blood. All you have is your mobile and can it help? Yes, it can and it must. OneWhistle was founded by Raja Appachi and his three co-founders (Mr. Karthikeyan Subramaniam, Mrs. Parimala Nagarajan and Mr. Prakash Palakkarai). While it’s registered in the US with full-fledged plans of making a worldwide presence, at the moment, the team is focusing only on the Indian market.